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Wichita County Health Department officials confirm that an Iowa Park man, Homer Brown, has indeed been infected with "Rabbit Fever", or Tularemia.


Brown, according to KAUZ, accidentally ran over some baby rabbit in tall grass with his lawnmower and his dog proceeded to bring one of the deceased rabbits into Brown's home.  The dog became sick in late August and Brown in turn began developing flu-like symptoms.  


Brown is now receiving special treatment at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas where he is battling an infection in his lungs.  


While Tulameria is rare, health officials encourage people to wear protective clothing like masks and gloves when working outside.  The disease is spread through animal contact, through fleas and ticks and also contaminated water. Health department officials also recommend pet-owners be aware of their pets outdoor activities especially if the pets are likely to encounter rabbits and rodents. 

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