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With early voting in full-swing it goes without saying that Americans and their cellphones will be going to the polls in droves;  and, in this "share everything" society coupled with the desire to share and promote our political views, a good number of voters may be tempted to share their vote publicly.  


There are arguments on both sides of the fence regarding whether or not balot- selfies are harmful or promote democracy.


Recently, Justin Timberlake posted a balot-selfie from his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, where he's still registered to vote, encouraging people to get out and vote by using his travel from LA to Memphis as an example.


However, even though it's illegal to take balot-selfies in the state of Tennessee, according to CNN the local authorities have no plans to investigate. 


Still, it would probably be wise to check with your local and state laws before going selfie crazy at the polls.  


Here's a handy list from VOX regarding state laws.









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